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ROMANIA 2018 - Five minutes with Manuel Chivari
Publié le 12 Février 18 à 19h43  Par Mathias
In Romania, the Selectia Nationala is coming to an end! On Sunday, the last 3 finalists will be known.

Among this week's contestants, Manuel Chivari!

How would you define yourself in one word?
I think simple, warm, positive :D

How would you describe your state of mind when you're on stage?
When I'm on stage I usually think about people's thoughts, and I'm like do they really like me? And you know it gives me strength and courage when I see people smiling at me, because I always start nervous not knowing what people think about me, but at the same time I'm concentrating on my next move and mostly on my singing :)

How would you quickly tell your life story?
I was born on the 22 June 1997 in Carei, a small town from Romania really close to Hungary, I'm still living there on my own because my parents are gone working in foreign countries: my mother in Hungary and my father in the US. They have divorced when I was a small kid, not knowing the reason, and I still don't know it exactly, I suffered a lot because of that it was such a pain seeing my mother crying most of the time. I chose to stay with her here in Romania until I finish school/high school and then prepare to go to the university in the US at my father's but something kept me back and that was music and the fact that I really wanted to help her, she is really struggling for a small salary and I really want to offer her a better life. I always had a taste in music my parents had it too, my mother was a choir singer at her Catholic church and my father was a trumpet player from a young age, my grandfather was an accordion player. He used to play it sooo well, by ear without even knowing a little bit of music theory.

At 16 I started to think how should I start my music career and one of my friends came and said go to Romania's Got Talent. He knew that I really wanted to become a singer, and he also knew that if I won I could help my mother too and I listened to him and that's how my career started. I've got the Golden Buzzer from one of the best singers in Romania, Andra, who's an international singer too. I made it into the finals but sadly I couldn't win, I've got on the 5th place out of 16. After that I've had a period of total silence while I was searching for an opportunity to get into the music industry and finally at 20 years old I have found a team that could help me (THANK GOD FOR THAT!)

How would you define your taste in music?
My taste in music is pretty diverse, I listen to all kind of genres: pop, rock, trap, rap, dubstep, EDM, and all other electronic songs but mostly commercial songs.

If there was just 1 artist you could listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?
I think it would be Justin Bieber because I love his music

How would you describe Somebody to love, your song for the contest?
Somebody to love is a song that described me in a way because you see, I had a girlfriend last year. I loved her so much but she cheated on me so many times that I had nothing else to do but to end the relationship once and for all, and now I'm really looking for somebody to love, somebody true. On the other hand Somebody to love is a really happy song that makes people smile and dance and I think that this is actually what people want to hear nowadays, not sad songs, we had enough sadness, I had enough sadness, so let's be happy, we only live once anyway :))

How did you make the decision of entering Selectia Nationala this year?
Well in the beginning I had other ideas for Somebody to love, just wanted to launch myself into the music industry with it because I really thought that it was not worth going to ESC as a beginner without having a fanbase (even though I had one that I unfortunately lost) and fight against real artists, but then Michael (who wrote the song) encouraged me and said that I should really go because I have enough potential to participate at ESC so yeah... Here I am :))

How would you make us want to come to Romania?
Romania is a country full of beautiful places. There are mountains, there's the Black Sea there are so many castles to visit including Dracula's one and most Romanian people are nice people so you should come to our country. Trust me, you're going to like it :D

How do you picture Eurovision in 10 years?
Eurovision? In 10 years from now?! I think the finals will take place somewhere in space, who knows :)))
We are evolving fast so it might just happen. Just kidding, I think Eurovision will be ten times better because people always bring something new and original, year after year you see something more and more interesting than before :D

How are you going to win Eurovision 2018?
Winning Eurovision would be something really difficult for me as a beginner without a huge fanbase but I guess with hard work, I will fight as much as I can for the best result.

Manuel, thank you very much for this interview! He will be singing Somebody to Love this Sunday on TVR!

For any requests/questions, you can email mathias.eurovision.fr.net@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @altruismless!
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