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ROMANIA 2018 - Five minutes with Elena Hasna
Publié le 30 Janvier 18 à 19h57  Par Mathias
She's one of the most popular names in Selectia Nationala 2018, and Eurovision fans have been waiting for her ever since she charmed the whole world with a cover of a French classic.

Today, she's interviewed. Here is Elena Hasna!

How would you define yourself in one word?
I think I would describe myself as sensitive.

How would you describe your state of mind when you're on stage?
Everything changes. It’s just me and the microphone. I’m concentrated on what I have to do. Everything around me disappears and I can’t really explain what that feels like. I am trying every time to make people feel what I am singing and I’m just putting my heart into every performance. I am myself on the stage and I know that this is where I belong.

How would you quickly tell your life story?
I have been singing since I was 4 years old, even though I started taking music lessons when I was 7. I have participated in many music contests in my country and also abroad, but everything changed for me in 2012 when I decided to participate in a talent show here in Romania, which is called Next Star. It was... unbelievable. My interpretation of the song “Je suis malade” became very well known in my country and soon after that in many other countries. I was 12 years old and what was happening to me was overwhelming. Then, in almost no time, everything changed entirely for me. Since that, I have been singing in different shows, on different television programs and and my career has been taking shape. I have always dreamt of being on the Eurovision stage, so this year I thought I was ready for it, I was ready to exceed my limits and I submitted a song for the national selections of Eurovision Romania. Right now I am hoping from all my heart that I will succeed and I will be able to represent Romania at Eurovision. So that will be a quick and kind of short description of my life until now, even though I have experienced many more things.

How does one make you angry?
It really depends on my mood, but I think that lies and fake people always make me angry.

How does one make you happy?
I am a very happy person and it is very easy for me to express my happiness. Almost everything makes me happy.

How would you define your taste in music?
Most of the times I am listening to emotional music, songs that speak to me, that express deep feelings. Also, because I am a teenager, I listen to modern, catchy songs that have a good vibe.

If there was just 1 artist you could listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Wow... this is hard. I don’t have an idol. I really appreciate many artists and they are always a source of inspiration for me, but right now, hypothetically speaking that I would have to listen to one artist the rest of my life, I will choose Shawn Mendes. I really hope I won’t have to do this choice in real life because it is too hard!

How would you describe Revival, your song for the contest?
Revival is a powerful ballad with an emotional meaning. The message of the song is very important and full of emotions. I really think that people can find themselves in the song and will understand that nothing is final, that everything will work out in the end.

How did you make the decision of entering Selectia Nationala this year?
The composers of the song Revival, Ylva and Linda Persson, suggested me a collaboration for Eurovision Romania. That was great news for me. As I said previously, it has always been a dream for me to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and when Ylva and Linda suggested me the collaboration, I decided that this is the time I was waiting for and Revival is the right song.

How would you make us want to come to Romania?
Romania is such a beautiful country! There are so many beautiful places to visit that you wouldn’t believe. We are very kind people and we love to have fun. Romania is rich in culture that needs to be discovered by others too.

How do you picture Eurovision in 10 years?
Eurovision is more and more spectacular every year, so it is hard to imagine what it will be like in 10 years.

How are you going to win Eurovision 2018?
I will do my best and I will try to put together a good and emotional performance and also a beautiful show. I think I have a lot of experience with the stage that will help me.

Elena, thank you so much for this interview. With her Revival, she will try to convince the sometimes surprising judges of the Romanian national selection!

For any requests/questions, you can email mathias.eurovision.fr.net@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @altruismless!
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