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FRANCE 2018 : Five minutes with Enéa
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We are closer than ever from the first Destination Eurovision show, the first national selection held for France in a couple years, and the very first one since the arrival of our new Head of Delegation, Edoardo Grassi.

Today, we would like you to discover a contestant that will sing her song in that first semi-final, the lovely Enéa !

How would you define yourself in one word?
That is not an easy question at all. Solar.

How would you describe your state of mind when you're on stage?
I feel free. Happy. Really free to be who I am.

How would you quickly tell your life story?
I started taking piano lessons when I was 5. I also learnt to play the violin, and I did classic music classes at the Conservatoire. I started singing at the same time approximately, I never really played music without singing with it. I left my hometown for Paris five years ago, after I graduated from the Conservatoire. I met people, started going to the studio, writing as well. I was noticed, and all that led me to Destination Eurovision.

How does one make you angry?
Hypocrisy. Injustice. Lack of respect, and loss of love.

How does one make you happy?
People's happiness makes me happy. To see people happy ! Happiness all alone doesn't make much sense to me.

How would you define your taste in music?
Rather schizophrenic. I used to listen to a lot of pop-jazz, such as Norah Jones or independent French variété, such as Camille. Electronic music, even if that is a very large term, inspires me a lot. I love everything acoustic, and I think there is nothing more beautiful that just a piano or a guitar with a voice. My taste is a mix of everything I came across in my life so far.

If there was just 1 artist you could listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?
I cannot choose between Jean-Jacques Goldman or Daniel Balavoine. As an artist, I need other people's music to be able to keep making music myself.

How would you describe I'll be there, your song for Destination Eurovision?
It will be both in French and English. All I can say is that the excerpt that you heard is just a moment in the song. The song doesn't really make sense without being whole, because it was composed as a whole. I hope you will enjoy discovering it!

How did you make the decision of entering the Destination Eurovision this year?
I was told about Destination Eurovision at the time where I was in the studio very often. I was therefore able to create I'll be there especially for the competition. I felt extremely free, because I had a song to make, and no prerequisites: it is one song, three minutes, one show to capture people, which means you have to give everything right away, no time to embroider anything. Destination Eurovision gave me a reason to make this song. It is going to be awesome to present my song like this, even if it might stop quickly, I am fine with the opportunity.

What attracted you in Eurovision?
To me, at the beginning, Eurovision was something a little old fashioned, the image I had was wrong, because I did not follow the contest. I started getting interested 2 or 3 years ago, and I realised that it was absolutely not old-fashioned and that it was something very powerful. It is a long show, but there is not a moment of boredom, it is just discoveries and cultural exchange. It is something that I like extremely much, because I always strive to learn, and I would feel comfortable on that stage, bringing that little different something within me. I don't think I would have ever tried another TV-show, because I don't feel like it would be me.

How would you make non-French fans want to come and visit France?
France is the country of freedoms. You can still achieve whatever you want to achieve. We are a small country, life is sweet and full of opportunities. Be careful if you come visit it, you might very well never leave.

How do you picture Eurovision in 10 years?
I imagine it being ever more important, more huge and wide. With more countries maybe, more continents. I would find it very interesting to see more countries!

How are you going to win Eurovision 2018?
By being the one that I am. Give everything I can give, and love everything I can love. And I would like to tell you one thing: never stop dreaming, because it is worth it. And if you can dream its then you can make it.

Enéa, thank you so much for having made time for our phone call ! If you feel like supporting her (and you should!), you can tune in on France 2 this Saturday. If you are abroad, you can watch the show on a TV5 Monde channel, and it will also be broadcast live on Facebook!

For any requests/questions, you can email mathias.eurovision.fr.net@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @altruismless!

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