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Interview : LATVIA 2017 - Five minutes with Miks Galvanovskis
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Just one interview from Latvia this week, but we’re going to make sure it counts! After the very Latvian results of last week, Supernova’s second semi-final is waiting for us.

And so is Miks Galvanovskis !
La version française est juste ici !

Hey Miks! Can you introduce yourself to us?

I’m a 19-year old musician from Jelgava, Latvia.
All my life, music has been something more than just for fun to me.
I was 15 years old when I first sang in front of other people. If someone asks me how it started – it was with good friends who always told me that my performances were great (they were lying) and with my family. My dream was always to be where I am now, but every day this dream is growing bigger and the hill which I’m climbing is getting higher.

What’s the story behind your song? And why taking part in Supernova?

The strange love story of my girlfriend and me was my inspiration to write the song Runaway. When I released a song, at the end of last summer I filmed a video for it. We made a contest to find an actress for the main part. At the end of it, there were castings, where I met her. She was the girl who won the contest and we filmed this video together. This is how I wrote the song Runaway. This girl is my motivation. She’s the reason I’m here speaking with you.

I think Supernova is the right way to select our entry for Eurovision. These last two years, the Latvian performances were amazing. I really liked Aminata and Justs’ performances. They showed the world that Latvia was able to compete with other countries on a high level. I hope this year the Latvian participant will be strong and will have something special to show to the world.
I think that Eurovision is becoming more popular in our country year after year. After a few years’ break, we are coming back and we have something to say out there! That’s why I’m doing this. I’m ready to show the world that I’m a Latvian and I’m proud of it! We are a small but strong nation!
My favorite singer was Aminata two years ago but there was some good music before her too. Marie N’s I wanna and Brainstorm’s My star are performances that we always remember. The guys Walter and Kazha with their song The war is not over is important within Latvian music too.

What are your musical influences?

I’m listening to different kinds of music. There is not only one kind or artist. I like a bit of everything. For example - it can be one song from Eminem, another from Ed Sheeran. I don't have a particular type of music. I just like a little bit of all.

The music industry in Latvia is really complicated. It is really hard for new musicians like me to show what we are capable of. If you want to earn money from it, you need to be famous and get a lot of support from the country. This is my big chance - Supernova. To show who I am and what I am capable of. It is my biggest dream to be known out of our borders. Playing concerts around the world would be a dream come true for me.

What do you think is wrong with the world? And on the contrary, what makes you smile?

I think it’s the way people think. All the time, they are thinking negative and don’t try to change it. We are all capable of making History but they are just sitting in their couches next to their TV and complaining how bad everything is. We need to get rid of thinking like that. Let’s get up and live this wonderful life!

I think it will be a strange answer - because I’m smiling and happy when people are doing something. They are making great things and are proud of it. I am smiling when I see people who are happy to live in this world, and I think it is the best we have! A smile that we can give to each other. :)

I want to say a BIG thanks for giving me the opportunity to make this interview. I’m really thankful for that!

And we’re saying thanks to you, Miks, for this interview! Thanks a lot! With his song Runaway, he’ll be competing this Sunday, and will hope to reach the final of Supernova, Latvia’s national selection for Eurovision 2017.
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