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Interview : UKRAINE 2017 - Five minutes with AGHIAZMA
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We got some new Ukrainian hopefuls on our plate today! And they bring along a whole mythology! Meet AGHIAZMA!

Hey AGHIAZMA! Tell us about your band first!

Et la version française est juste ici!

AGHIAZMA is a band from Kiev, Ukraine and consists of 5 people, who have different tastes and experiences in music. For a few years, AGHIAZMA couldn't decide how to name their music style, because the members of the band just enjoy the creative process and are satisfied with how their egos and ideas combine with each other.

« Selfish-rock » describes the creation and personality of the band perfectly. Our style is inspired by gothic, industrial, post punk, J-Rock and indie music. AGHIAZMA has created an imaginary religion. The band worships The Great Jellyfish Goddess and Kora Rex (vocalist) is the Underwater Prophet. because everything is made of water, even the sound has waves. AGHIAZMA is everywhere.

Those are our achievements
- Global Battle of the Bands 2016 – Top 5 Best Ukrainian rock bands
- Festival Respublika 2016 - Main stage
- Children of the Night 2016 - Annual Gothic Festival
- Halloween Horror Night 2014, 2015 and 2016 - Headliners
- ''Best Music Video” and “Breakthrough of the Year 2016” Nominees at Best Ukrainian Metal Act (BUMA).

Tell us about your song, and about your relationship with Eurovision!

The song is called Synthetic Sun. This song is about the commercialized approach to art, about the battle for recognition, about the desire of fame just for the sake of it. And of course, it is about the most important thing – freedom of self-expression! Stars are fighting for their place under a synthetic sun, and blinded by insatiable appetites, they are pushed to commit venomous actions. Humanity is upstaged, harmony is broken, ART takes sacrifice…
We didn’t write it especially for Eurovision, that’s why this song is full of AGHIAZMA spirit and it is full of truth.

We feel that it is an interesting quest for us to participate and win the Eurovision Song Contest. We are connecting our life with music and make our deposit into the world of art. We don’t want to be a part of something, we want to be a whole something.
We are not really into the rules – we play on our own rules and the organizers in Ukraine know it. I think that people should decide who will represent the country, not judges. Democracy is not a perfect thing, but nothing is better yet.
As for previous entries... Ruslana was energetic and earned our respect. Jamala is a good professional but I’m not really a fan of her music.

What are your musical tastes?

We listen to different styles, all our musicians have different tastes. I like David Bowie, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Type O Negative, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure, Placebo, IAMX and many others. Our vocalist Kora Rex listens to Nero Bellum, Gary Numan, Dope etc.
We recommend the Ukrainian band Sinoptik. They won the Global Battle of The Bands last year – the play psychedelic rock and are really cool. There are also interesting young bands such as Alt.End and Prejudeath.

The Ukrainian industry is weak but the talent of Ukrainian musicians is amazing. Kiev is a city that inspired many genius people and it still does. Our city has some sort of a dark poetic aura and when you create something here you can feel its touch.

Do you have a link with France? A point of view on the world?

We don’t really have any musical connections with France and I was once in Paris and felt the beauty of the city, talked to people, visited some gothic shops and underground clubs. AGHIAZMA would love to play some shows in France and we hope that our participation in Eurovision will give us more opportunities to travel over the world.

I think that the world is beautiful and I believe that people build little worlds around themselves. We are surrounded by the demons of war, illnesses, injustice, anger and stupidity but we can always concentrate on ourselves and find the precious inner peace.
Dirty jokes and some drugs make us smile, but we try not to use one-another.

Cheers France, wait for AGHIAZMA soon!

AGHIAZMA, thank you very much for that interview! The group, with their song Synthetic Sun, will be part of the second semi-final this Saturday, and will try to reach the selection's final.
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