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Interview : UKRAINE 2017 - Five minutes with Panivalkova
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Today's Ukrainian interview is a very special one. We get to meet a trio made of three female singers, influenced by some kind of a divinity.

Let the girls of Panivalkova just give us a flow of thoughts.
Et l'interview en français est ici !

Hello! Could you first of all explain who you are?

Panivalkova is a Ukrainian female trio who works in a ''sensitive minimalism'' style. Also, Panivalkova is the concept of a perfect woman who impersonates the best qualities we have in our characters. We do believe in her as one big idea of kindness, love power and pure creative force who leads us. So it is Panivalkova who makes the music and all the songs, we are just playing them. She’s the boss.

And how does such a team aim at Eurovision?

Panivalkova told us to participate in Eurovision this year, so as you understand we had no choice. We liked Jamala’s performance very much, she’s perfect :))
Our song for the national selection, called Dokuchayu (I annoy you) is an absolute shaman tune, a spell for love, an emotional whirlpool. The soul of the singer is standing there as one clear canvas, where love, hate, passion, disappointment, and pain are bright heavy strokes. Soon all the colors blend and, as it happens in people's relationships, pure emotions and clarity mix with jealousy and bitterness. The plot of Dokuchayu is a story of affection for beloved ones and this painful addiction. In the happy ending, our heroes find the courage to make a decision and get rid of illusions.
We will present it on the day of the contest.

And what does Panivalkova listen to?

Panivalkova listens to Lenny Kravitz, Michael Kiwanuka, George Harrison, The Head and the Heart, Avishai Cohen, Queen, The Beatles, Solange, Anderson Paak, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald.
As for Ukrainians: Jamala, Esthetic Education, Dakhabrakha, Marianna Sadovska, Tik Tu, Stoned Jesus, Latexfauna, Vivienne Mort, ЕЁ.

After the Revolution, the situation for Ukrainian music changed a lot: new clubs and places opened, festivals became more friendly with Ukrainian musicians (before that, Russian bands headlined most of them), lots of young Ukrainian musicians started making music in their own way without copycating bands from USA, Europe and Russia. The Ukrainian pop-music industry though still works in an old way - it is very rare to be able to see young Ukrainian bands' videos on TV or to hear their tunes on the FM-radio.
Due to the new law about Ukrainian music on the radio and TV (most of their content should be in Ukrainian), their management chooses the same famous artists and play their songs all the time, even the old ones.

You're singing in French sometimes! How is that so?

Ira Luzina is connected with France through her maman who is married to a French painter Jean Avy and lives in Versailles. We never chose to sing in French, but somehow it has happened. Working together we are not choosing languages, but follow the idea of a new song. It always tells us what language must be used, so we have songs in English, Ukrainian, French, Russian, and even Cuban poetry.

Nothing infuriates Panivalkova, she’s the Muse and the Best Being. She is kind to human weakness and feats. She is here to make this world a better place full with love.

Panivalkova (the singers) and Panivalkova (the goddess), thank you very much for this interview! As contestants of the second Ukrainian semi-final, they will all sing their song Dokuchayu this Saturday!
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