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Interview : UKRAINE 2017 - Five minutes with DETACH
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Our second week of Ukrainian interviews is going to be a little bit more complete than the first one, we promise. And to kick it off, we welcome a band.

En français par ici !

Hello guys! Could you introduce your group to us?

Hey there! We are DETACH and our plan is to be heard all around the world soon! We were formed in 2010 and were a locally well-known band playing alternative metal and nu metal, but since our latest LP I Am, released in 2015, we moved our thoughts to the common concept of « rock music » without any specific genre. We started to change our lyrics from Russian to English and are now searching for new locations where the people would love to hear us. Each of the members had full-time jobs but it changed last September when we decided to participate in X-Factor Ukraine. We were locked for 3 months in a camp but it was totally worth it. DETACH became the only rock band which reached the superfinal in X-Factor globally.

What was the process of you entering the Ukrainian national selection?

At some point, we realised that the Ukrainian audience was ready for hard vocals and guitar riffs, and we decided to take part in the 2017 Ukrainian national selection and our song advanced to the semi-finals where we will perform on the 11th of February.
Our new song Distance was written last year. It is our first song about love as it is. About that feeling when you are far away from each other with a loved one, and all that remains is the hope that someday you will see each other again . We did not expect it to receive such a great feedback. Such kind of lyrics not really fit to our style as our previous album`s lyrics was full of mostly social issues. Nevertheless, it is never too late to try yourself in something new, right?
Considering the previous years, we see that the pop-culture can not seem to offer something new. Every year we see the same songs with the same shows. We want to be totally different. This difference should not be « screaming » as it was with Lordi, but very harmonious and personal. Thanks to the Ukrainian selection which we have had here for a few years, the quality of the participants increased massively and you can see it from the Eurovision 2016 results.
Today, every single person or band have a possibility to be heard by the best music producers who can say « WOW! This is exactly what we were looking for! » and BOOM! - you are representing Ukraine in one of the biggest music competitions, even if you were playing in a garage last Friday with your mates.

What are your musical influences?

All of us grew up listening to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, System of a Down and similar rock bands, but what is interesting is that nowadays, you will not find any hard bands in our headphones. We are exploring new horizons, trying to understand new music styles as each has its very own uniqueness. Anyway, we are staying on the rock side and our mission is to deliver high quality rock music to our audience. We believe that someday Ukraine will have radio and TV channels specialized in rock music, and hope that we will put one of the bricks into this wall.

Do you have any links with France?

France... We know France as a very romantic country on one side but with many social problems on the other. It is hard to talk about a country we had no chance to visit before, you know. You have some worldwide-known festivals, like Hellfest. Hope to see you there one day!

DETACH, thanks a lot for this interview! They will sing their song Distance during the Ukrainian national selection's second semi-final this Saturday, hoping to reach the final!
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