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Interview : UKRAINE 2017 - Five minutes with SKAI
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We did not yet have any interview for that other country which also launches its national selection this week. Country which is no less than the host country of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Meet SKAI, our first Ukrainian interviewees!
Par ici en français !

Hey guys! Can you tell us who SKAI is?

SKAI is a Ukrainian rock band who has been working in the music sphere for 15 years already. We started our work in Ternopil (Ukraine). In 2004 we took part in the contest for young musicians Svizha Krov (in Kyiv), that gave a kick to our career. We signed to the music label Lavina Music headed by Eduard Klim and it brought us the popularity. Our first single Tebe ce mozhe vbutu was in airtime on 25 Ukrainian radios and the video of the same name was broadcasted on the best TV channels.

We are the authors of our music. All our songs are the freestanding stories about human relationships, their emotions and feelings. We do not determine the boundaries of our music style. So you can hear lyric ballads and powerful rock tracks, patriotic songs about our beautiful country and soundtracks for cartoons.
As you can see, we are patriots of Ukraine and want to share its soul through our music with the whole world. For last two years, SKAI has had concerts in different cities abroad, among them sold-outs in Poland, England, Denmark, Ireland, Canada and America. By the way, in 2016 we had a great concert in France. Paris welcomed us warm and friendly! Thank you for that!

Tell us everything we should know about the song you are sending to the contest!

We will present the song All My Love For You. By the way, this track is available now for free listening on our SoundCloud page

It was born during the recording of our fifth studio album New Life” (Nove Zhuttya). At that time, I decided that it would be great to present it as the contest song for Eurovision 2017. All My Love For You is a real international work. We cooperated with John Hill, Slava Makarkin, Tanner Sparks (soundproducer of Switchfoot band), Sergei Shakhov. We also made the decision to record it with the Symphony Orchestra of National TV and Radio Company (and its conductor Vladimir Sheiko). So, I should say, it is a real music bomb!
To take part in Eurovision is not the aim of our work. It is a chance to do our best to present Ukraine in a proper way. We want the world to open to our country through its music. As for the history of this contest, you know that there are two winners from our country – Ruslana and Jamala. Both girls with powerful songs. Now it’s a man’s turn to take the first place.

What is your opinion on the state of the Ukrainian musical industry?

The Ukrainian music industry isn’t developed in a proper way. For many years, all the radio and TV airs were full of musicians from our country. There was no proper music management, which could help artists to develop their skills. The reason for those events was reluctance of the audience to listen to Ukrainian products. I should say that now it all turns towards the opposite way. There are so many young musicians, who make real music, worth listening. We are the veterans of this industry (as many journalists say) and we are happy to contest with young bands and singers side by side.
As for SKAI, we are melomanes. Despite our love for rock, we can listen to pop music as well. The only rule is – they should be songs of high quality.

And finally.. do you have something to share?

As for me, the frontman Oleg Sobchuk, I am in love with France. SKAI has a big fan community in your country. That’s why all our French concerts are real holidays for us! Last year, we did a sold-out performance in Paris and promised our listeners to make it a tradition. For the time of our next visit we want to see native citizens of France as well as our Ukrainian diaspore. So, come on!

Unfortunately the world today has become a cruel community of people who try to survive. People are used to think about themselves and don’t have the desire to help others. That’s why we have misunderstandings and arguments. I mean, people in general. This fact frustrates me and sets me into a blue mood. Nevertheless, I try to do my best for the people I love and for the world in general.
What makes me smile? My family, friends, the music I create, our audience… I try to find positive things in every moment of life! By the way, my family and I were in Disneyland in Paris last year. We fell in love with it! I’ve promised my children to come there one more time.

SKAI, thank you so much for that interview! With their song All My Love For You, they will open the first semi-final of the Ukrainian national selection, and therefore kick off the whole process!
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