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Interview : BELARUS 2017 - Five minutes with Navi
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To conclude our Belarusian bunch, just a day away from the final, let's welcome the only act that was selected with a song in the national language, just like they were last year.

Here's Navi!
Et voici Navi en français !

Hey, Navi. Who's hiding in that band?

Navi is a big team. But only two people are the core of the band - Ksyusha and Artem. They compose, write lyrics, create the image of the band and give their listeners the most important thing - warmth and energy. Music is our mission. We share our cheerfulness and strive to the best with people. It inspires us and our listeners. Our band is at the center of our lives. We enjoy our life every day when we create our songs, give concerts and interviews.

Tell us about Istoriya moyga jitsya! Why should it win Eurofest?

Inspiration behind this year’s song is derived from our love for our homeland. We feed our inner creators with our language, traditions and nature - things that give us power to compose our music. We enjoyed our last year's final performance but this year, we are much more confident. We believe that our native language will help us.

Eurovision is a great place to share our thoughts with a great number of people, to make all of them smile and enjoy what they see and hear. We want to light it up and give the Eurovision stage the best we have.

And besides Belarus, where do you find inspiration?

We listen to lots of music. But now we are working on our album and try to minimize any other music around us to stay focused on our own sound. We are big fans of Sting, Fink, Benjamin Clementine, Stromae.

Thank you! Best wishes from Naviband

Navi, thank you for this sweet interview. You will be able to witness the band fight for its right to fly the Belarusian flag in Kiev this Friday!
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