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Interview - GEORGIA 2017 - Five minutes with Sabina Chantouria
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We keep on discovering the Georgian artists today! This interview is a bit special, because I had the chance to question Sabina over Skype, directly.

Meet a talented Swedish-Georgian artist!
Et rencontrez-là en français par ici !

Hello Sabina! Thank you very much for this opportunity. Can you introduce yourself?

Of course! I am a 25-year old singer-songwriter currently living in Malmö. My mother is Swedish and my father is Georgian. I have been writing songs since I was 12, as a way to express myself. I therefore have two homelands, and feel like targeting both countries along my musical career.

What is the story behind the song your will be singing on Friday, Stranger?

All of my songs stem from my experiences. Stranger is about somebody who used to be very close to me, and then all of a sudden became distant, and therefore a stranger. I am very proud of the song ! It is a dynamic pop song with a dramatic twist and some melancholy as well.

How do you feel towards the Eurovision Song Contest?

I feel very excited to be part of a national selection already! Many memories of childhood are associated with it. In Georgia, the contest is definitely popular. The interest is growing and growing year after year. We have a big national selection this year, with 25 acts in one single final, and I find it good that there aren't too many stages, like in Sweden for example, for it enables to focus on the music! There are a lot of good songs in the final too. If I had to choose one previous Georgian entry? I'd go with Nina Sublatti, very naturally.

What are your tastes when it comes to music?

I mostly listen to pop and rock, but also classical music, it really depends. To name a few of my favourite artists, I'd say Madonna, Tori Amos, Lana Del Rey, Katie Melua, Nino Kalamadze and The Shin. Despite being a small country, Georgia really has a lot of very talented artists!

Do you have any links with France?

I love the country! I have no biological link with it, but I am spiritually attached! I stayed in Nice for a while, and I love Edith Piaf!

And last question: what is your view of our current world?

We are living some crazy times. There is a lot of intolerance and fear going around, which makes me very sad. There is something that really matters to me: everybody must have the right to live their life as they intend to, and artistic freedom and freedom of speech are priceless values.
Anyway, very little is enough to make me feel happy, really! Having a good time with friends or family, anything, really. I try to always keep humour close to me. And I love cats! I go crazy anytime I see one!

Sabina, thank you very much for this lovely interview! We wish you the best for Friday! Sabina Chantouria will sing her song Stranger in Georgia's national final for Eurovision, taking place on Friday.
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