ESTONIA 2018 : Five minutes with Eliis Pärna
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Estonia's first semi-final has seen 5 artists qualify for the final. Next Saturday, it will be 5 new artists who will join the final's line-up on March 3rd!

Among them, Eliis Pärna, who will duet with Gerli Padar!

How would you define yourself in one word?

How would you describe your state of mind when you're on stage?
Appreciative - I think it's a privilege to do something that you love as your job, that there are people who are interested in listening to me and my music. I always try to select songs which have a powerful message for me and put all my effort into telling stories to the people through these songs.

How would you quickly tell your life story?
Well in my childhood I spent a lot of time singing in one of the girls' choirs, participating in children's singing competitions, playing in children's musicals and sometimes played tennis. By the time I was 18 I managed to become one of the finalists of Estonian Idol where I got the 6th place. Then decided to go to university to study media production and continued doing acoustic performances mainly with a guitarist. At the same time I pursued my career in the media - I worked on several TV shows as a producer, content editor and as a host, also producing TV and radio commercials. When I was 24 I spent 6 months in Marrakech, practiced my French and worked there in a music lounge as a singer. Then came back to Estonia and continued working in the media as a head of one of Estonia's news site's TV branch and started working on an electronic music project where together with the producer Meelis Meri we released music written by me. Last year we also launched our first music video for the song called Freedom. And this fall one of my friends wrote the song Sky and asked if I was interested in performing it. And now I am here :)

How does one make you angry?
By starting an argument from something really small.

How does one make you happy?
By surprising me in a very thoughtful way.

How would you define your taste in music?
I appreciate good vocal and lyrics. Mainly prefer soul and soft smooth jazz.

If there was just 1 artist you could listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?
That's quite difficult to say because I am more into songs than specific artists.

How would you describe Sky, your song for the contest?
It's a song about someone who's not in your life anymore but how the memory of the last moment you saw them lives on. But it could be interpreted in many different ways. For example this lost someone can also be a younger version of the person himself. So it depends what's on a person's mind while listening to this song.

How did you make the decision of entering Eesti Laul this year?
Well I loved the song that Imre Sooäär wrote and as I haven't been to any singing competitions for the last 10 years, it seemed as a cool challenge and experience.

How would you make us want to come to Estonia?
I would show you the pictures of Estonia in the summer or of our old town in the winter - I think it might do the trick :)

How do you picture Eurovision in 10 years?
I think it will remain pretty much the same as it has always been. But I hope that people will start to appreciate more simple songs and sincere performances, I think that last year's winner is a good example of that.

How are you going to win Eurovision 2018?
With the same thing: we have a simple and sincere song :)

Eliis, thank you very much for this interview! She will be singing Sky this Saturday on stage in Tallinn!

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