Interview - GEORGIA 2017 - Five minutes with The Mins
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Let's keep on discovering some of the many Georgian hopefuls! Today, a band, that quite fits the tradition of Georgian rock.

Meet Zviad Mgebry, who will introduce us to the Mins!
La version française est par ici!

Hello Zviad! You are the frontman of the Mins. Can you tell us about the band?

The band was formed by me back in 2011. Mins is short version for minutes. If you ask me why this name was chosen, I would answer that time is very important. We live in a 4-dimension universe, we use three of them to move from one place to another and to change the things we are surrounded by, the fourth dimension is time – developing changes from the past through the present time and to the future, and symbolizing birth, existence and death.
We came a long way, experimenting with our music a lot, from progressive rock to alternative rock. Nowadays, we still play alternative rock, however, as time passes by, music industry changes as well and we always try to bring new and interesting sounds and spirits with our music to the audience. We have released our first EP Blind World in 2014 and we have shot 5 music videos so far. Through the years we have performed in many festivals and concerts, in some of them warming up artists like Archive or Faithless. Currently, we are working on our first album that we plan to release later in 2017.

Our band consists of four members:

Zviad Mgebry (Vocals, Guitar, Sampling, FX)
Nika Abesadze (Bass, Vocals, FX)
Giorgi Tetsoshvili (Keyboard, Drums, Electro Percussion)
Daniel Adikashvili (Drums, Electro Percussion)

I personally dedicate my whole life to music. Working as a film composer and sound engineer is a big experience for me which I use in the band.

What is the message behind Crime? And how do you see your entry fit in Georgian Eurovision tradition?

Talking about our Eurovision song, I would like to underline that my aim as a musician is not to be a famous star and earn a lot of money with my music. The same idea is shared within the band. We realize that we live in a cruel world, where you see unfair things happen daily and we try to change that with our music and our life. We want to live in an environment where we can defeat hunger, violence, aggression and abuse. Eurovision is a great platform to spread a message worldwide. That is why we want to use this platform to tell as many people as possible, that we, human beings, got used to use the environment to satisfy every means of comfort. Very often we take every living part of the environment, and transform them into a part of the industry. The world has become a place where everyone can find someone responsible for everything, as long as it is not themselves. We want to tell everyone that the changes start from ourselves and to SAY NO to violence, abuse and aggression. Every wrong decision we take transforms to a cluster of incorrect decisions and we see the results globally across the whole world. We are not the center of the world, we are a part of it. Quoting our Eurovision song: there are no species willing to die.

Over the past years in Eurovision, to my opinion, we had some strong entries. We have several favorites from the past entries. First of all, Nina Sublatti, who is our friend and supports us in the competition, like we supported her previously. Nina and me recorded an acoustic version of her Eurovision song Warrior and that version was very popular by the way. Secondly, Eldrine, great band and great music! And last but not least Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz.
As for having 25 participants this year, well, it has both positive and negative sides. Of course it is good to have a big selection, to give a chance to many artists to express themselves and bring their music to the world, but it is also a bit confusing, because you cannot concentrate on particular songs and messages that the artists wish to spread. In this regard, we are happy to have the opportunity to reach more people with your help as well, it is something we are very grateful for.

What is the state of the Georgian music industry? And where do you place yourself in it?

I listen to many kinds of music but mostly, I like: alternative rock, trip-hop, dubstep, new rave, indie, classical music… From the early years to the present, many artists and bands influenced the music of The Mins. For example, we can quote Muse, Porcupine Tree, 65 Days Of Static, Pink Floyd, Placebo and many others. As for Georgian artists, I can only name very few bands and songs that are my favorites. Unfortunately, the Georgian music industry is very weak nowadays. For example, when you are a band and you want to tour around the country, there are not many cities where you have sufficient infrastructure and people who can afford to pay money for the concert tickets, everything is mostly centralized in the capital city – Tbilisi. However, it does not mean that we have to give up and quit what we do and what we love. We hope the time will come, when we will be able to spread our music all around the world.

I'm told that you have quite a few links with France... tell us more!

It is very interesting and important for us to communicate with our French audience, especially when our drummer Daniel Adikashvili is a citizen of France. Our links to your country is of course musical. French musicians and bands are some of our favorites. For example: M83, Justice, AIR, Daft Punk…
Personally, for me, though it sounds quite banal, I love the French accent. And I also love the song Champs-Elysées!

Zviad, thank you very much for the message you have to spread! With The Mins and Crime, they'll be one of the 25 Georgian hopefuls to fight this Friday.
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